The art is a passion. It is the right engine, that force you to constantly walk on. It is the right force that helps you to overcome barriers. It is the amazing feeling you feel, when you look behind ordinary and unknown and see it becoming something amazing, tangible and known beneath your own hands...

We are people, whose life is accompanied by strong desire to follow the magical sound of music and dress it up to extraordinary and beautiful clothes. For 19 years this feeling is a part of us.  We want to express that through our work, we want to enjoy it and to please our loved ones. As time went by, the inner feeling continued to grow and brought us to the path where we start to share it not only with our loved ones, but also with YOU ...

So we are on our way where we can connect that beautiful music with „unknown and extraordinary clothes" at the professional level. We are on our way where we bring a new strong bond into the world of audio. A bond that unites the technology with unrivalled quality, valuable and unusual materials and design at the highest level.


Ing. Marián Hipík
Electronics, hardware, software, development
Roman Hlúšek
Design, CAD / CAM, graphic, marketing, development