Design            Design is the pillar of our work. The pillar is just as important as continuous search and discovery of enhancements in tested, used and certified wire electrical circuits. It seems that these are two different things, but for us they can not work one without the other. To get  electrical and design connection between them, their perfect coordination and professional approach are essential.

For us, design and art that we put into our work is not just another unusual cover. For us, the art is true only under condition, that it is ever-present part of your work.

This means that the beautiful dress needs also the beautiful body. This means what is beautiful and quality outside, must be just as beautiful and quality inside.


When designing the amplifier Phantom Auriga, all its components were taken into account. This means that the design of the amplifier body, which includes many uncommon audio features had to be connected with the final product.

Modules volume and the supporting part of tubes are in tune with the shaped cut-out for the special glass type "Float" colored on the sides of the amplifier. If you feel that there are no cables in this amplifier, you are right, but only partially. There are cables in the amplifier, but they are carefully kept in three indoor floors inside the amplifier. From the upstream components, the necessary cables are routed in milled or drilled through-holes or paths. This solution eliminates the disturbing feeling of the cables presence, as they are simply hidden. And the three indoor floors of the amplifier work exactly the same way.

All parts and components are carefully distributed and maintained in lines making the strong impression that the design and quality execution are not just part of the beautiful clothes, but also the body, which is hidden underneath.

The art of creation of unusual shapes, or align them, to think and to determine the exact place where you f.e. drill a hole even if only for a mere screw so that it conforms with the other tuning parts and essential impression of the whole, is in such work often almost insurmountable challenge. Often, it is only because there is hundreds of such holes in the amplifier. But the desire and joy of such difficult and demanding work can always find the right place for that „ordinary screw"...

And this is how the art and the design become reality in our hands.